Charlotte Bronte and Jane Eyre Audiobook

Jayne Eyre is written by Charlotte Bronte and published by Smith, Elder & Co. in 1847. An American version was then published by Harper Brothers in 1848. The novel focuses on the evolvement of Jane’s moral sensibility and morals. The novel is prominent for featuring elements of social criticism with morality as its core. The novel is considered by many as being ahead of time due to inclusion of themes such as religion, sexuality, classism, and proto-feminism. It is divided into 38 chapters with most of them 400 pages long.

The Audiobook Format

Jane Eyre Audiobook is a new version of the novel that presents it in audio form. Many people nowadays prefer to listen to jane eyre audiobook free online than reading it. Just like the written version, you will follow through all her stages as she develops from childhood to adulthood. As you listen the story through the five stages, there are important ideas and social issues that are presented. The Audiobook is the best for you because you can listen to even when doing something else.

Plot Summary

It is a first person narrative novel of the title character. It is set in a place in the north of England at the reign of George III. It goes through five different stages. First is during Jane’s early life at Gateshead Hall, living with cousins and aunt but is abused both physically and emotionally. The second stage is during her education life at Lowood School. At the school, she acquires role models and friends but suffers from oppression. The third stage is at Thornfield Hall where she acts as a governess. She cannot help it but ends up falling in love with her employer, Edward Rochester. Her fourth stage is when she stays with the River’s family where her clergyman falls in love with her. The last stage is the reunion and marriage to her lover, Mr. Rochester.

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